We are planning three tours. Tour 1 and 3 is for partners, tour 2 is on the day off so everybody can join

1.Point Alpha Memorial / Monday:

Point Alpha Memorial presents the confrontation of the two world power blocks during the Cold War, as well as the painful time of division within Germany.
The entirety of the complex of the Point Alpha Memorial is an unparalleled documentation, a verifiable time capsule, and a unique place of lessons to be absorbed from history.
Today, „Point Alpha“ is the name of a museum on the road between Thüringen and Hessen.
The main building now houses an exhibition on the presence of U.S. forces which includes several military vehicles. The museum complex covers not only the NATO observation post on the Hessian side, but also a strip of the (largely reconstructed) border protection systems of East Germany, including a visitors‘ center on the Thüringen side which features an exhibit on the inner German border.
We will have the chance of a guided tour and enough time for looking around by yourself.

 2.Wartburg / Eisenach citytour / Wednesday

First we will walk to the Wartburg-Palas, and get a guided tour in and around the buildings of the medieval castle.
It was constructed between 1155 and 1180 and is one of the best preserved secular buildings of the late Romanesque period north of the Alps
it is surely one of the most beautiful.
The defensive eastern side of this building contrasts the peaceful and splendid arcades of the courtyard. The original 200 columns, with masterpieces of capitals and ornate architectural decoration, proved the claim of the landgraves‘ power and their position in the empire.

Second we will explore Eisenach city with a guided tour.

„The region is exceptionally lovely“ … Johann Wolfgang Goethe once wrote this about Eisenach.
But also other famous Germans were inspired or influenced by the small town below Wartburg-Castle: the Baroque composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach. Martin Luther went to school here and translated the New Testament at the castle. St. Elisabeth of Hungary lived and worked in this region for more than 17 years, and Richard Wagner was so impressed by Wartburg-Castle and its legends, that he composed an opera about it.

We try to offer both tours in german, english and russian.

 3.Erfurt / Friday

The idea of a guided tour, maybe a normal city tour, or through the old quarter, or in the footsteps of historical figueres is not fixed yet.

Erfurt „…is ideally situated. There just has to be a city on a spot like this!…“ In the 16th century this was the judgement of Martin Luther the great reformer.
Discover the proud charming city located at the heart of Europe, the main capitol of Thüringen.

The Krämerbrücke / Merchants’ Bridge is only one of many examples of secular architecture. This arched stone bridge was constructed in 1325 over the river Gera. This is one of hundreds of bridges and the reason why people call the city „ Little Venedig“.

There are a lot of things to see and to do, you will enjoy.