The dropzone:


Dropzone Facts (cklick pictures to enlarge):

Big safe landing area

Luftbild engl

600qm hangar

Clubhouse with restaurant / covered veranda

Full camping fittings with showers, toiletts…
Small (10 bed) bunkhouse
Free Wifi
500qm packingtent
Our hangar will change into a multimedia chill area for skydivers and spectators.


Sedentary groups, large monitors for public viewing
All locations are close together.
All events will be landed right in front of our setup. It´ll be easy to watch
We will give guided tours for groups of spectators, explaining technics and disciplines of our sport.

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Things you need:
Licence / Reserve packing card / Equipment documents of your homeland / Current third party liability insurance, minimum amount one million euro. As an option our federation offers a shorttimeinsurance for the period you are in germany  (costs €20,-)

AAD ( Cypres…) is required!

We are flying Supervans ( Cessna Caravan 900 horsepower ) for 15 or 18 people.Leftdoor. Exitspeed accuracy 80kt  Exitspeed Formation 85kt. For the accuracy events also a 206 turbine will be used.

There will be breakfast, food during the day and drinks  offered by our S-Bar.  Every day there will be a dinner from a catering company. End of april every single competitor and partner will receive a personal mail with some questions including the possibility to order dinner in advance.

How to get here:
Eisenach is almost the middle of germany, 60km westwards of Erfurt. By car from any direction you will leave the highway A4 on exit „Eisenach Ost“ ( Eisenach east ). Following the airport / POPS signs you´ll be at the dropzone in 5 minutes. Frankfurt International airport is the best choice if you plan to fly. From here a 1,5 hour cardrive will bring you to Eisenach. Also train is an option.

In the impressum you find our official address >